Each community has unique characteristics and specific needs.
I am dedicated to working with you to tailor each presentation to meet the needs of your community.

I view our work together as a partnership-

All of my presentations can be be tailored to the needs of the community and/or the audience being trained.

Each and every individual and organization is unique, with a variety of challenges – I will work hard to understand and work with you and your challenges to great the very best educational experience possible –

Culture Change – Building a World that Doesn’t Exist

The Care and Feeding of Law Enforcement for Victim Advocates – We Work Better Together

Healthy Masculinity – “It’s More Than Just Diet”

Understanding Cross-over Offending – Beneath the Surface – Above the Low Hanging Fruit

Finding Beauty in the Work We Do – Beyond Good & Evil

Trauma Responsive
Investigations and Prosecutions(TRIP)

Peep Behind the Curtain-
The Impact of Pornography on Interpersonal Violence

Sexual Assault Culture Change –
Building a World That Doesn’t Exist

Understanding Sex Offenders – 
The Hunter & The Hunted

Taking on the Tough Sexual Assault Cases: Alcohol/Consent
Moving Beyond Unreasonable Doubt!

Voluntary Intoxication – It’s Not Consent for Sex You Know

Behind Closed Doors—Marital Sexual Assault

“I Take it Back” – 
Investigating Recantations –In Pursuit of True Justice

Fatality Review – The Method Makes the Difference

Every day, every town: Lifting the Veil on 
Human Sex Trafficking

Adult Male Sexual Assault – 
The Pain Behind the Masc(ulinity)

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