Our Schedule

Washington DC-    January 17, 2018
OVW (Office on Violence Against Women)
New Grantees Meeting
Moments:  We felt so inspired by the legal representation for victims.  We also really enjoyed meeting with Circa Media!

New York, NY-  January 25-  February 4, 2018
New York City Police Department
Certified FETI
Moments:  NYPD is an inspiration and amazing organization! They are really leading the nation in Trauma Informed Response using FETI!

Tempe,  AZ- February 21, 2018
Neuroscience and FETI
Moments: It is always nice to be presenting at home!  <3

Phoenix, AZ-  March 1-2 2018
Trauma to Transcendence Conference
FETI for both victims and suspects
Moments:  What an honor to present with so many amazing and inspiring people!  WOWZA the line-up was amazing!

Lubbock, TX-  March 5, 2018
Human Sex Trafficking
Moments:  What an amazing grassroots movement mobilizing to help victims of sex trafficking!  So humbled to be a small part of it.

Hanover, NH-  March 19-23, 2018
Certified FETI
Moments:  Myra Ferechil was pre-certified in FETI and found the training process to be amazing!!  Her goal is FETI 75 people this year.
Chief Dennis is really great to making so much change!

Wayne, NE- March 29, 2018
FETI and Neurobiology of Trauma
Moments:  Great Midwest hospitality!  They are doing great work!

Chicago IL-  April 3, 2018
End Violence Against Women International Conference
Moments:  Myra and Russ piloted a presentation on pornography and intimate partner violence.  The room was jam packed!  What an amazing process!

Colorado Springs- April 9
Sexual Violence Culture Change
Moments:  What a beautiful day in Colorado Springs!
The audience was so enthusiastic!

Brighton CO- April 10-13
Certified FETI
Moments:  There were amazing and inspiring professionals from across the state and beyond.   Brighton Police Department is working so hard!

Dallas, TX-   April 16-17 2018
Crime Against Women Conference
Take out the Drama, bring in the Trauma
Serving Native Community
Moments: Russ co-presented with two amazing and brilliant colleagues!

Norfolk, VA- April 18, 2018
Virginia Prosecutor Spring Conference
Investigating Recantations
Marital Sexual Assault
Moments:  Hundreds of legal professionals interested in learning about
Trauma Informed Response and Care- So fun!

Huntsville, AL- April 23
Sexual Violence Culture Change
The auditorium was stunning and a real pleasure to present in, plus the audience was so engaged and interesting!

Sunset Hills, MO-  May 1- May 3 2018
MOPS Spring Conference

New York, NY- May 6-12, 2018
Certified FETI

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- May 13-16, 2018
United States State Department
Trauma Informed Response and Care

Springfield, IL- May 18, 2018
Illinois Family Coordinating Council

Indianapolis, IN-May 22, 2018
Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault

New York, New York- May 25-June 2, 2018
Certified FETI

Denver, CO- June 4, 2018
United States Bureau of Prisons
Vicarious Trauma Prevention and Self-Care

New York, New York- June 5-9, 2018
Certified FETI

Boise, Idaho- June 7-8, 2018
Idaho Council on DV

Columbus, OH- June 11- June 16 2018
Certified FETI

Keizer, OR-  June 18-23 2018
Certified FETI

Moscow, ID- June 27, 2018
Certified FETI

Orlando, FL- July 1, 2018
IAELAE Conference

Fort Polk, LA- July 17, 2018
Sexual Violence Culture Change

Quebec, Canada- July 21 2018
FBI Academy

Newport News, VA- July 31- 2018
Certified FETI

PENDING: California State University- August 2, 2018
Certified FETI

New York, New York- August 7, 2018
Certified FETI
Manhattan District Attorneys Office

New York, New York-  August 14-18, 2018
Certified FETI

Dallas, TX- August 13-16 2018
Crimes Against Children’s Conference

Albuquerque, NM- August 27, 2018
Trauma Informed Response and Care

Fort Benning, GA- September 5, 2018
Fort Benning Family Advocacy Program

Milwaukee County- September 7, 2018
Milwaukee District Attorney

Des Moines, IA September 11, 2018
Victim Justice Symposium

Santa Fe, NM- Sept. 19-21, 2018
Four Corners Conference

Orlando,  FL- Oct. 7- Oct. 10 2018
International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference

Abington, PA- October 11-12, 2018
Abington Jefferson Hospital

San Diego, CA- October 16, 2018
Shared Hope Conference

New York, NY-  October 19-27, 2018
NYPD Certified FETI

Keystone, CO-  Oct. 28-31, 2018
COVA Conference

PENDING: Crown Point, IN- Nov. 1-3, 2018
SART Teams

Lansing, MI- Nov. 27, 2018
Criminal Justice Panel

San Diego, CA-  Dec. 3-7
Certified FETI

Phoenix, AZ-  Dec. 10-14
Certified FETI

SHIFT LLC Conference (location TBA)-  January 7-11, 2019
Neurobiology of Trauma Conference

Dallas, TX-  April 6-12, 2019 
Conference on Crimes Against Women

San Diego, CA- April 22-24th 2019
End Violence Against Women Conference

Dallas, TX- August 12-15 2019
Dallas Children’s Conference